trust our PSMA-certified inspections


The septic system is the most expensive and important system of a home. Without a thorough septic inspection, a home buyer may purchase a home with a faulty or failing septic system which can lead to costly repairs and a dangerous living environment. Did you know Pennsylvania is an unregulated state when it comes to septic inspections? This means anyone can falsely label themselves as a septic inspector. At ROl Home Inspections, we are PSMA certified, which is above the industry standard. We inspect treatment tanks, absorption areas, and the distribution system (if one is present). We understand the importance of a thorough septic inspection. Our goal is to provide you with a clear and detailed report so you can feel confident in your purchase!


A Hydraulic load test is required when a property has been vacant for more than seven days. This test is meant to mimic normal tank usage and shows the condition of the absorption area. It helps to evaluate the septic system’s ability to handle a typical daily load and identify any potential problems. This is a multi-day process to ensure the absorption area can distribute the waste water to the soil on a daily basis. We measure the liquid level before and after introducing the allotted amount of water to the system each day of the test to ensure appropriate absorption.